The Rawlins "Special Sauce"

We believe in positive energy and good music! Kids smile on average 400 times a day… Adults: just 20… Life is too short. Smile more!

Rawlins Special Sauce | The Top 11 Ingredients

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Only 1 in 3 orthodontists are Board Certified. If you or a loved one had to go to a Surgeon for a highly specialized procedure, would you go to your family physician to perform the work? Would you go to a Surgeon that was not Board Certified? Take a look around, Dr. Rawlins is only one of a few orthodontists in Delaware that are Board Certified in his Specialty.

Would you go to a big-box gym if you could have a personal trainer for the same price? Bigger is rarely better… especially when it comes to individualized care. Every mouth is different, every smile is different, we don’t treat the ”average patient.” We treat your individualized smile needs! You are not a number here. We will know your name. We practice personalized care for your needs! Think about it.  

Our biggest goal is to help our patients to realize the highest self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with a beautiful smile. We believe we can inspire people to be kinder and more positive than they were before treatment. Yes, we are in a digital world. Yes, we are a digital, State of the Art practice, but we have not lost our way with the importance of genuine human interaction and relationship-building during this journey together.

Let us care for you and your child and fit into your lifestyle. LIfe has you on the run! We are not here to slow you down. We are here to propel you forward!

The field of orthodontics continues to see rapid technological and digital advances. Many of these technological advances are incorporated in the way we are capable of moving teeth. Dr. Rawlins provides the perfect blend of technology and experience. Dr. Rawlins is young enough to have been trained in the most current technologies. However, he is old enough to have a few gray hairs to match his experience in creating hundreds of amazing smiles over many years.  

We are confident that we can find an arrangement that fits our patients' budgets. Your smile is one of the most important investments you can make. We offer exponentially more value, yet our pricing remains competitive. Our intent is not to have finances stand in the way of beautiful smiles. Are we a boutique office? Sort of… we are focused on personalized care and experience, but without the big price tag. Your smile is the window into your personality. Smiles open doors. Smiles provide opportunities. Smiles create relationships. Smiles propel you through life. 

We are here when YOU are ready! The #1 Common Misconception is “My dentist will tell me when it's time to see an Orthodontist.” If you are not happy with your child's smile or your own, YOU ARE READY… regardless of age! Schedule a free consult! Good news Mom, most kids don’t need orthodontics before baby teeth are lost… However, as with life… there are exceptions. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recognizes this and recommends children be seen by an orthodontist by age 7 in case there is a problem developing. However, if your child (or you?) are older than 7, do not kick yourself. Let's talk!

Nobody will take better care of you or your child. Simple concept, but extremely important… You will not find a more sincere, genuine, trustworthy person to treat you or your child than Dr. Rawlins. He will always look out for what is in your best interest or your child’s best interest because, as his patient, he considers you part of his family.

It sounds make-believe, but we have mastered it and do it every day. People choose Rawlins Orthodontics because we make sure they know they’re special and that their smile is truly unique. Beyond being blown away by our care, patients and their families enjoy the fun atmosphere, Rewards Points, contests, and team dress-up days. Let us give you something to smile about while we are working with you to create your amazing smile for a lifetime.

This is not just a job for Dr. Rawlins or our team. We are passionate about what we do and the individuals we care for every day. Once you meet us, you will quickly realize your best interest always comes first. Nobody will care for you or your child better than Dr. Rawlins and our team.

We are big believers in paying it forward. Do something nice for someone. It can be simple but goes a long way. It’s about you and your passions. It’s about our community. It’s about helping others achieve their goals. We believe in the power of generosity!

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